At TreVista Antioch, our residents benefit from a range of services and amenities, enhanced community features and more. We believe that the programming offered and the staff hired at our community makes all the difference, so we provide a wide array of programs and activities for our residents through Agemark’s exclusive wellness program, LifeCycles. This 52-week program impacts every part of life at TreVista, helping seniors to transcend boundaries, challenge stereotypes and create meaningful connections.

According to Alison Wall, Senior Living Consultant at TreVista Antioch, an assisted living and memory care community in Antioch, CA, LifeCycles programming is entirely unique. “LifeCycles programming really takes Agemark’s core values, mission and philosophy and turns it into framework to help give seniors the lifestyle they deserve, no matter if they need assisted living or memory care,” says Alison. “Whether the programming includes an array of outings, activities on site or opportunities to learn new things and expand their horizons, LifeCycles programming is able to be tailored to meet the personal preferences and needs of seniors. With varying themes, ideas and events, our residents live as fully as possible.”

LifeCycles programming and the four dimensions of wellness

At TreVista, we focus on four dimensions of wellness to give seniors the engaging, connected lifestyle they deserve and desire, regardless of care needs and in spite of memory loss. Through various one-on-one interactions, group activities, health management and life-enriching experiences, we provide the tools seniors need to age successfully. Each of the four dimensions of wellness focuses on a specific aspect of well-being, including:

  • Spiritual experiences. Unlike many other assisted living and memory care communities, we believe that it’s crucial for seniors to experience a meaningful and purposeful spiritual life. To ensure this is possible, we don’t simply offer services each Sunday or provide a simple space for meditation, we do so much more. Recognizing the different needs of seniors, we created individual and group faith-based activities, focused exercises, and multiple opportunities for them to immerse themselves in nature, resources, support and guidance to help enhance personal meditation and reflection.
  • Social opportunities. At TreVista, we believe seniors should be connected to the outside community, not separated from it like so many other communities do. Being immersed within a community, fostering positive relationships with others and connecting with those of all ages is important, which is why we treat each individual like family and create a supportive community. Our LifeCycles social opportunities are designed to promote friendship, camaraderie and belonging, which enhances a senior’s experience no matter if they are participating in intergenerational programming, group outings, one of many celebrations and events or simply talking to someone new.
  • Physical fitness and health. While many assisted living and memory care communities offer programs to enhance physical fitness, health and well-being, LifeCycles at TreVista stands above the rest. Each day, we stress the importance of healthy living habits, whether through nutrition, exercise or being active. We want our residents to be as independent as they can for as long as possible, no matter their current abilities, so we created fitness classes for those of all abilities that focus on stress management and good nutrition. Each program is led by a caring team to help prevent health issues and provide support for  seniors to achieve their goals.
  • Intellectual activities. Just because seniors in assisted living or memory care may need a higher level of care, doesn’t mean they want to stop growing, pursuing new passions or continuing old hobbies. In fact, many seniors experience a renewed sense of exploration after a move to an assisted living or memory care community. We encourage seniors to continue growing intellectually and believe that a mind that wants to continue learning is a healthy one. To ensure our residents are getting the most out of each day, LifeCycles programming provides regular creative and educational activities for them to enjoy from arts and crafts and music and reading to discussions with friends and engaging in multiple new activities. Each program we offer is designed to be mentally stimulating and full of enjoyment for residents.

There is always something to do and something going on at TreVista. Whether we are out with residents exploring the local community on a hike or seeing a sporting event, spending time engaging with students or volunteers at our community or engaging in multiple programs and activities, there’s sure to be something for everyone to love. Come experience our LifeCycles programming for yourself and see how we can help you or your loved one live each day to the fullest. Schedule a tour, meet our team and residents or join us for an upcoming event! Call us today to see our philosophy in action at 925•329•6292.

Making the everyday extraordinary.

Family-owned and operated, Agemark Senior Living is the new owner of TreVista Antioch. Known for creating warm, welcoming communities, vibrant lifestyles and engaging programming, Agemark has been one of the most premier and trusted senior living providers since 1987. As Agemark’s newest community, TreVista Antioch is located on 10 acres in a prime location close to shopping and local attractions, as well as the great outdoors. Our beautiful community features a personalized, resident-centric approach to care that provides support, all while helping residents live full, connected lives.

At TreVista Antioch, we provide assisted living and memory care set in a beautiful environment that not only meets our residents’ needs but makes them, as well as their families, feel more at home. Although our gorgeous community is a plus, we truly believe it’s our programming and caring, dedicated staff that makes TreVista home. With our family-oriented inspiration and resident-centric approach, our residents flourish and experience days full of joy and meaning. Our staff learns each resident’s likes and dislikes and their values and pasts, right down to the dreams they never thought they could accomplish, in order to customize their care and make their dreams a reality.

LifeCycles wellness programming encourages our residents to connect, engage and enjoy life, every day. Our LifeCycles programming is designed to focus on the four dimensions of wellness: physical, social, spiritual and intellectual. This is achieved through a wide range of daily activities and routines, from outings and excursions to local events and programming at the community. At TreVista Antioch, our residents have the tools and care they need to make each day fulfilling, engaging and vibrant. Contact us to learn more!

Call us at 925•237•1952 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.

TreVista Antioch is part of the Agemark family of senior living communities.