An exclusive approach to wellness – and to life!

LifeCycles is Agemark’s exclusive wellness program that will impact every part of daily life at TreVista. It embodies the Agemark mission, philosophy and core values and provides a framework for helping seniors live as fully as possible within the four dimensions of wellness: spiritual, social, physical and intellectual.

LifeCycles stems from our core belief that seniors should be connected to the outside community, not separated from it. At Agemark, we don’t believe it’s the size or the beauty of the living space that enhances life, it’s the quality of the experiences offered within.

Built on a curriculum of the experiences we all have in common, LifeCycles transcends boundaries, challenges stereotypes and creates meaningful connections between people of all ages. TreVista Antioch has a 52-week curriculum of suggested themes, ideas and events that can be personalized to create opportunities for residents.