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5 Reasons Seniors Should Stay Active After Moving to Assisted Living

5 Reasons Seniors Should Stay Active After Moving to Assisted Living

A group of senior friends lace up their shoes before a group walk at the best senior living in Concord, CA
May 26, 2023

One of the things that many older adults look forward to once they retire and move to a senior living community is being able to fully enjoy their newly found free time. Prior to retirement, you were likely extremely busy raising a family, climbing the ladder at work, and managing all of the many moving parts within your household. These obligations and responsibilities left little time for yourself to prioritize your health and fitness. The good news is that moving to an assisted living community, such as TreVista senior living in Concord, CA, means you will have ample opportunity to be active and get moving.

That being said, if you’re curious about what the benefits of exercising and staying active are, we have some great info you won’t want to miss! Keep reading to learn more:


#1.) Improve Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is a very serious concern among seniors. The risk of stroke, heart attacks, and diabetes all increase as you age. According to research, however, routinely participating in cardio exercise can help to dramatically lower your risk of developing these conditions and keep your heart, lungs, and blood vessels in top shape.

Here are a few of the best cardio exercises that are safe for seniors:



While it might seem rather straightforward, going for a walk is a simple yet effective way to boost your cardiovascular health. Even 15-20 minutes a day can help you to feel your best. Try walking on a treadmill or going for a stroll around our beautiful senior living in Concord, CA. 



Summer is a great time to hop in the water to cool off. On top of that, it can also be a wonderful, low-impact exercise that can improve your cardiovascular health. For assisted living residents, swimming is an ideal option for those looking to stay active while minimizing joint pain.


Dance Classes

Nothing motivates you to get up and moving like some good music! If you want a fun, out of the box approach to cardio exercise, sign up for a dance class. This can also be a great way to learn a new skill and make new friends.


#2.) Fall Prevention

Even if you are a resident of a safe and secure assisted living community, falls can happen at any time. For seniors, falling can be especially scary, as they can lead to broken bones and other health risks. If you are someone who is concerned about falling, staying active can help to decrease this risk and be a great fall prevention tactic. Various stretches and exercises can help you to improve your flexibility and balance.

Prior to starting a new exercise program, be sure to talk things over with your primary care doctor. This is especially important if you have fallen in the past and experienced a significant injury. They can help you to work up a plan that will allow you to stay active in a way that is both safe and beneficial to your health. 


#3.) Become More Social

If you are new to the senior living in Concord, CA, you likely want to meet other residents and make new friends. However, sometimes it can be tough to know exactly where to begin. Here at TreVista, our community is designed to foster a rich social environment that encourages connection. This includes hosting a wealth of great activities that bring residents together, such as offering various exercise classes, leading group walks, and visiting local parks and recreation areas. 

Being social has a lot of positive health benefits. Seniors who are actively involved with other residents tend to be happier, have a more positive attitude, an increased sense of independence, and typically overall experience a higher quality of life. 

A smiling senior couple holds hands as they walk through a park

#4.) Bolster Body Strength

You don’t have to sign up for your local strongman competition to improve your body strength. Simply getting up and moving can do wonders for helping you to increase both muscle and bone density. All of the activities that we mentioned above can be extremely beneficial in this area. Other great choices include yoga and tai chi, two options that are popular among assisted living residents or those with limited or reduced mobility. Utilizing resistance bands can also be helpful. 

For senior women, improving bone density is especially important as they are more prone to developing osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and other bone related health conditions. Routinely exercising can be an effective way to reduce the risk of developing these diseases. Also, be sure to talk to your doctor about your diet and taking a calcium supplement, as these can also play an integral role in bone health.


#5.) Maintain Your Body Weight

It is only natural that your metabolism slows down as you age, meaning that you have a more difficult time effectively processing calories from the food you eat. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, these two factors could compound and lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and more. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to stay active and exercise several times a week. 

Remember that being active doesn’t necessarily mean you have to train like you’re preparing to run a marathon. Even 15-20 minutes a day of light to moderate exercise throughout the week can really do the trick. Just make sure to verify with your physician prior to starting any new exercises or fitness routines. 


Stay Active at the Senior Living in Concord, CA

Here at TreVista, we understand that keeping an active lifestyle is extremely important to both your physical and mental health. That is why we have created a community that is focused on wellness and life enrichment by offering our residents a wide array of services and amenities to keep them up and going. These are your golden years and you should be making the very most of every moment!

To learn more about TreVista or to schedule a tour of our beautiful community, contact us today! We can’t wait to show you your next home away from home.