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Moving to Assisted Living? 11 Key Tips You Need to Consider

Moving to Assisted Living? 11 Key Tips You Need to Consider

A group of senior friends on a walk at the senior living in Concord, CA
January 9, 2024

Are you or your loved ones looking to transition to senior living in Concord, CA? TreVista offers vibrant senior living communities that provide a comfortable and inviting environment for residents with varying care needs. Our goal is to help seniors live as independently as they wish while enjoying the support of our dedicated team. Whether you’re considering assisted living or memory care, TreVista has the services and amenities to make you feel at home. 

Today, we will share these key tips to help you or your loved ones make a smooth transition to senior living in Concord, CA.


#1.) Make Your Space Feel Like Home

One of the first steps to feeling comfortable in your new senior living community is to personalize your space. Here are a few ideas to help you do exactly that:


Personalize Your Décor

Bring along your favorite furniture, curtains, rugs, and bedding to create a comfortable and familiar atmosphere. Decorate with items that hold sentimental value, such as family photos, artwork, or cherished mementos. These personal touches can instantly make your new space feel like home.


Use Familiar Scents

A familiar scent can evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Use scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or potpourri with your favorite fragrances to create a welcoming ambiance in your new home.


Soft Lighting

Consider the lighting in your space. Soft, warm lighting can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Use table lamps, floor lamps, or string lights to achieve the desired ambiance.


Organize Efficiently

Keep your living space organized to reduce clutter and make it easier to navigate. Use storage solutions like shelves, cabinets, and closets to keep belongings tidy. Labeling storage containers can also help you find items quickly.


#2.) Connect and Make New Friends

Moving to a senior living community is an opportunity to meet new people and build meaningful relationships. Engage with your fellow residents and take part in community activities to connect with others who share similar interests and experiences. TreVista offers a range of life-enriching programs that are sure to spark fellowship and fun.


#3.) Explore the Resident Activity Calendar

At TreVista, we believe that life enrichment is essential for a happier, healthier life. Take a look at our resident activity calendar, which includes a variety of engaging activities such as live music, cooking and baking, exercise, crafts, and more. Whether you’re looking for on-site or off-site adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Other than being incredibly fun, here are a few reasons why residents benefit from participating in our weekly activity calendar:


Social Connection

Participating in community activities is a fantastic way to build and maintain social connections with fellow residents. Engaging in group activities provides opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and develop a sense of belonging within the community. These connections can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Mental Stimulation

Many of the activities offered on the resident activity calendar provide mental stimulation. Whether it’s puzzles, board games, educational seminars, or creative workshops, these activities challenge the mind and promote cognitive well-being. Staying mentally active can enhance memory, problem-solving skills, and overall mental agility.


Physical Health

Physical fitness and well-being are essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in fitness classes, yoga sessions, or even dance classes can help residents maintain or improve their physical health. Regular physical activity can increase mobility, balance, and overall vitality.


#4.) Seek Assistance When Needed

Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support to residents with limited mobility. We have experienced caregivers, CNAs, and med-techs overseen by our Director of Nursing. You can also benefit from complimentary wellness checks, health consultations, and help with appointments to ensure your well-being.


#5.) Enjoy Nutritious Dining

TreVista offers nutritious, home-cooked meals with menu options every day. Our culinary team takes pride in preparing delicious dishes to cater to various dietary preferences and restrictions. Dining together with other residents is a great way to socialize and savor your meals.

A senior man enjoying a fruit salad

#6.) Use Assisted Living to Relax

Say farewell to household chores and maintenance tasks. At TreVista, we provide housekeeping and laundry services to keep your living space clean and tidy. We also cover utility expenses and offer maintenance services, so you can focus on enjoying your new life.


#7.) Stay Safe with 24-Hour Security

Safety is a top priority at TreVista. Our communities are equipped with 24-hour security and professional staff to ensure residents’ well-being. Additionally, we offer an emergency call system for those who may need it.


#8.) Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Maintaining strong connections with loved ones is crucial during this transition. Encourage family and friends to visit you regularly and participate in community events and outings together. TreVista’s welcoming environment provides the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories with your loved ones.


#9.) Discover a New Hobby or Interest

Senior living communities like TreVista offer a wealth of opportunities to explore new hobbies or rediscover old interests. Whether it’s painting, gardening, woodworking, or even learning a musical instrument, trying something new can be a source of joy and fulfillment. Join clubs or classes within the community to connect with others who share your interests.


#10.) Embrace Wellness and Fitness

Prioritizing your health and well-being is essential. Participate in fitness classes, yoga sessions, or gentle exercises tailored to your needs and abilities. Staying active not only helps maintain physical health but also contributes to mental and emotional well-being. TreVista provides a supportive environment for residents to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


#11.) Seek Support and Guidance

Moving to a senior living community is a significant life change, and it’s okay to seek support and guidance during the transition. TreVista’s caring team is here to answer your questions, address concerns, and provide assistance whenever needed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff or engage with fellow residents who may have experienced similar challenges.


Tour the Best Senior Living in Concord, CA

Transitioning to senior living in Concord, CA, doesn’t have to be overwhelming. TreVista offers both assisted living and memory care communities that provide a supportive and engaging environment for our residents. We encourage you to take the first step towards a fulfilling and independent life by contacting our community and scheduling a tour. At TreVista, we are here to help you live the life you deserve.