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7 Reasons Why Seniors Love Living at an Assisted Living Community

7 Reasons Why Seniors Love Living at an Assisted Living Community

A couple embracing and enjoying assisted living Concord CA
August 25, 2023

Many senior adults have found good, active lives with their communities in assisted living residences. According to Consumer Affairs, more than 810,000 Americans reside in communities now, and the U.S. is expected to need nearly 1 million new senior living units by 2040 since the population of adults older than 85 will double by 2036 and triple by 2049.


The good news is, there are nearly 30,000 assisted living residences operating in the United States now, and we can help you find the right assisted living in Concord CA by showing you all that TreVista Senior Living & Memory Care has to offer. We aim to create remarkable moments for the residents of our communities and to treat all in our care like family. 


Let’s look at some reasons why seniors may discover they will love residing at an assisted living community like TreVista:


#1) Retain independence

Senior adults want to maintain their independence as long as possible, and living in an assisted living community allows them to retain it in a safe manner. 


In most assisted living communities, residents make their own schedules for when they sleep, wake and what activities they are involved in during the day. However, there are skilled caregivers onsite who can provide assistance when needed or with tasks that are more difficult. 


Since TreVista offers both assisted living and memory care services, you can increase the assistance you need if you find your requirements increase with time. Our caring staff is always nearby to support your needs, good health and safety. 

#2) Enjoy dining options

One of the primary benefits with any assisted living residence are the dining options available for residents. Oftentimes, some living units will have kitchenettes for personal cooking, but the real opportunity is in the meal plans that are available. 


Most community living residences have dining services planned by nutrition specialists that work to meet the needs of those who live there. There are a variety of nutritious, home-cooked meals with menu options every day. The nutritional guidance helps residents stay on track of their health needs. 


Having well-balanced meals that ensure good nutritional health is critical for older adults who often need to consider a variety of different health issues and keep in mind the nutrients needed daily to maintain their overall health.

#3) Access to amenities 

Community living often provides numerous amenities for residents to enjoy, and these are items you might look into as you choose the right assisted living in Concord CA for your lifestyle. 


At TreVista, assisted living apartments include housekeeping, laundry, local transportation, TV service and WIFI. In addition, delicious daily meals and snacks are included. There are community areas both inside and outside for gatherings and activities, with many events planned and also time for you to just get together with others as you desire.

#4) Provide social opportunities

Social interaction is one of the major reasons that senior adults benefit greatly from living in a community setting. Since isolation is a leading cause of depression, and depression adds greatly to the risk of many illnesses, providing opportunities for social activities is crucial for the overall well-being of people of all ages. 

Large group of senior adults enjoying the outdoors at assisted living Concord CA

At TreVista, we offer a full monthly calendar with numerous activities each month for individuals to choose from, which makes it easy for all residents to find a few to try each week to discover what they will most enjoy. We offer all kinds of events like coffee socials, arts & crafts and different games. It’s easy to find something you can enjoy!

#5) Opportunity for healthcare

Since many older adults suffer from varying illnesses they must attend to, an assisted living residence adds the opportunity for additional safeguards for their health. Consumer Affairs mentions that common features are pharmacy access, nutritional guidance, physical therapy and nursing or hospice care. 


TreVista provides care with an experienced staff—including caregivers, CNAs and med-techs with oversight by our Director of Nursing. Our medical caregivers can assist in ensuring that your healthcare needs are met with health consultations and help with appointments. 

#6) Stay in Shape

Along with the medical assistance community living can provide that will help residents maintain their overall health, we offer activities to help you stay in shape as well. The longer you can stay physically active, the less apt you are to have falls that can hinder your mobility. 


It’s important for you to look for activities you will enjoy that help you stay active, whether those are yoga, dancing or walking. Regular exercise is important. 


Our monthly calendar at TreVista can help with this, too, since it includes activities like Morning  Exercise, Walk the Block with Positive Notes, Surfer Dance and much more. Try a few activities each week until you find the ones that you enjoy, and then make some friends and have fun!

#7) Chance for off-site adventures

Some assisted living communities offer the opportunity for residents to have off-site adventures. This gives them a chance to get out of the “house” and enjoy other activities, just as they might have done before moving into the community. 


At TreVista, we offer a wide range of life-enriching opportunities to engage our residents. Off-site adventures have included events like visiting museums, attending sporting events, going to local parks and much more. 


Since research indicates 7 out of 10 people require assisted living in their lifetime, our commitment is to keep life fun for our residents at TreVista!



There are so many reasons that senior adults benefit from a community living arrangement, such as to remain active, maintain their overall health, and continue to make friends and enjoy their lives. 


At TreVista in Concord, we are proud to provide a comfortable and inviting environment that can help you maintain or develop a lifestyle you enjoy. 

If you would like to schedule a tour of our community residence to see what all we have to offer, contact us today!