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How Utilizing Technology Can Keep Seniors Connected and Involved

How Utilizing Technology Can Keep Seniors Connected and Involved

Senior couple using technology to stay in touch at Concord assisted senior living
July 26, 2023

Technology has affected the lives of everyone in many ways including how we communicate to changing how we do most everyday tasks. Keeping up with advances in technology can help older adults maintain a connection with the world around them. Finding the perfect Concord assisted senior living community may be just the right move for you as you look toward the future. TreVista may be that new home you are looking for with your next move.


Although many senior adults may hesitate to get involved with technological advances, those of us at TreVista are ready to help our residents realize how easy it is to become proficient in technology that could enhance their lives. 


Let’s look at a few reasons for becoming more advanced in your use of technology:


Ease of communication with others

One of the most beneficial aspects of technology for residents is how it advances opportunities for communication. Between the ability to email and even video chat with loved ones, immediate communication is right at hand for families on a daily basis. 


This is a wonderful opportunity since loneliness can be detrimental and leads to depression and other medical issues for many seniors. In addition, the advancement of video chatting on cell phones and computers adds visual capabilities to the communication. This can keep everyone even more updated since they can actually see one another when they visit. 


Besides the benefit of keeping up with family and friends, many others may want to communicate with you electronically. In today’s world, doctors, accountants, businesses and more generally ask for emails and cell numbers in order to maintain relationships or dispense information to their clients, so the more technologically savvy a person is, the better. However, it doesn’t really take much to keep up with what you need in order to take care of business and to keep in touch with those you value. 


Play games that help your brain

Another benefit of embracing the computer and technology is the value of many games you can find to play. Keeping your mind sharp is important and staying active with games that challenge your brain is a fun way to do that. 


Your smartphone or computer has a host of options that can keep your mind challenged, and with many of them you can play with others who live right there with you or far away. 


Playing games can provide cognitive stimulation and socialization as well. There are many activities that can be stimulating for memory care residents such as those found at Concord assisted senior living


Apps to assist with daily needs

There are numerous apps to add to your smartphone or computer that can help you meet many of your daily needs by tracking progress for you. Let’s look at a few ideas of what you may want to track:


WALKING: You can track your steps on your smartphone (or watch) if you are attempting to walk a certain amount every day. This is a great way to stay motivated.


WATER: If you are trying to make sure you drink enough water, you can record your water intake on many apps. There are also numerous apps that allow you to input all of your food and drinks to watch calories, sugar, and several other dietary concerns you may want to monitor.


EXERCISE: You can find apps that will monitor the time you exercise, or videos that assist you in exercise. It is relatively easy to find the type of exercise you may desire and then save those videos to easily find them on your smartphone or computer in order to use them daily or weekly. It can be fun to find the right ones for you. For instance, there are great Chair Yoga instructors online who make yoga fun and accessible for all.


Keeping up with world events

Many individuals lose touch with what is going on in the world around them as they age even though they were very involved and interested before. Usually that is not because they have truly lost interest but more because they don’t see or hear current news as readily. Finding news sources you enjoy online is a tremendous way to keep up with the world around you at any age. 


Staying abreast of news and other states and countries can also help in keeping your mind sharp. Remembering news from the past and relating it to current events is a great way to keep your memory engaged and stay current with the world around you.


Workshop series hosted by TreVista!

At TreVista, we understand the importance to senior adults remaining updated with technological advances. Technology changes quickly, so everyone has to continue learning to keep up with the advances. We want to make it easier on our residents and other seniors to do just that, so we are offering free workshops led by the YWCA of Berkeley and Oakland. 


Our workshops are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 9:30-11am. Upcoming topics include Digital Literacy for Entertainment, Digital Literacy for Finances, and Digital Security and Privacy. More information and registration information can be found on TreVista’s site.


Is TreVista’s community living for you?

If you are looking for Concord assisted senior living, look no further than the excellent care you will find at TreVista, they offer both assisted living and memory care.  With our different levels of care, you can begin with one level and, if the time comes when you need more assistance, you can move to another level of care. Our community works with a system called Life Cycles where we consider the whole person in our wellness program. 


We would love to learn more about your needs and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to schedule a tour and learn more about us, please reach out. We would love to visit with you in more detail and show you around our community at TreVista!