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5 Ways to Help Your New Senior Living Community Feel Like Home

5 Ways to Help Your New Senior Living Community Feel Like Home

Three senior friends chat and enjoy coffee at the best Concord senior living community
June 20, 2023

Making the transition to a Concord senior living community is a major life step that comes with a lot of careful consideration. Even after doing your research and touring various communities, one of the main concerns that many older adults have when they first move is if their new residence is going to feel like home. After all, you want your golden years to be spent doing the things you love in a place where you feel comfortable and cared about. 

To help ease your mind, as well as aid in the transition, our TreVista team has compiled a list of ways that you can ensure that your new community truly feels like home. Continue reading to learn more below as well as get more detailed information regarding how you can become a Concord senior living resident!


#1.) Decorate Your Space

When packing your belongings to move into your new home, don’t just simply include your essentials! Bringing along personal items will do wonders for helping your new room feel cozy and comforting. For example, is there a specific blanket or pillows you want to have on your bed? Do you have some treasured family photos you want to set out to look at every day? What about a favorite lamp or other home decor item?

The rules may vary from one community to another, so don’t be afraid to ask these types of questions prior to moving in. This will help you to know exactly what to pack and help your new community truly feel like home.


#2.) Develop Your New Routine

It will likely come as no surprise that your new routine will look a little different from what it was before. While some of the key elements will undoubtedly remain the same, such as when you take your medication or what time you prefer to go to bed, others will change. This is especially true if you lived alone prior to moving to a Concord senior living community. However, change doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

Establishing a routine will make you feel more at ease and will help you to settle in a little quicker. Learn what time meals are served in the dining room and take the time to look over the resident activity calendar. Learn the layout of your new community, including any communal spaces, such as outdoor sitting areas or entertainment rooms. Once you become familiar with your new community, and establish a routine that suits your wants and needs, you will feel happier and more grounded. 


#3.) Make New Friends

One of the things that makes Concord senior living truly special is the people, staff and residents alike. Humans are extremely social creatures and thrive when surrounded by peers and others that they can connect with. Senior living communities are called communities for a reason – they bring people together. Once you become a resident of TreVista, you will quickly see just how social wellness is deeply integrated into various amenities and services. 

If you aren’t sure how to make new friends, here are a few ways you can start:

  • Join a fitness class or participate in a group activity
  • Take part in a group outing
  • Sit with another resident while enjoying a meal
  • Strike up a conversation when sitting on the patio

Once you make a friend or two at your new senior living community, you will quickly begin to feel more comfortable and right at home. 

A large group of senior friends chat and enjoy a meal together

#4.) Connect with Staff

As an assisted living or memory care resident, you are going to have frequent interactions with staff members. They are going to be a part of your daily routine, including helping you take your medications or assisting you with self-care needs. This means it will be important to know their names and to feel comfortable and safe around them. After all, you want to make sure that you are in good hands and enjoy the people around you! 

Here at TreVista, our kind and caring staff members want to get to know you better and learn more about what makes you so special as a person. Our goal is to meet our residents where they are and be ready to assist with their needs. From housekeeping to maintenance to those who assist with daily living and care routines, you will find that every member of our incredible team takes pride in their work and deeply cares for our residents. 


#5.) Stay in Touch

Moving to a new community and making new friends doesn’t mean that you need to say goodbye to your old ones! Whether you moved to TreVista from your family home or you transitioned from a different senior living community, odds are good that you have friends and family members that you want to stay in touch with. Keep an open line of communication with your loved ones. You can write them letters, call them, video chat with them, or even invite them over for a visit! 

It is extremely natural, and expected, to experience a little homesickness during this transition period. But being able to see a familiar face or hear a loved one’s voice can help soothe any anxiety you might be feeling. For those who struggle with cognitive decline, including those who use our memory care services, frequent visits and contact with loved ones can really go a long way. 


Tour Our Concord Senior Living Community

Finding a place that feels like home should be your top priority when selecting a senior living community. Don’t settle for a community that is subpar or lacks the services and amenities that you deserve! Instead, choose TreVista where we specialize in both assisted living and memory care. Our services are designed to help our residents to lead their highest quality of life and find joy in the everyday. In addition to this, we staff only the best and most passionate individuals. 

To take a tour of our beautiful Concord senior living community or to find out more information, feel free to contact us today!