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8 Common Dementia Behaviors and How You Can Help

8 Common Dementia Behaviors and How You Can Help

A woman and her senior mother hold hands
January 25, 2024

Are you searching for memory care assisted living in Concord, CA? Look no further! TreVista offers vibrant senior living that provides the help you need to live the life you deserve. Whether you’re considering assisted living or memory care, our communities are designed to allow residents to live as independently as they wish while making TreVista home for years to come.

In this blog, we’ll discuss eight common dementia behaviors and early warning signs that seniors may experience. We’ll also provide valuable insights on how you can support your loved ones facing these challenges. Finally, we’ll explore the benefits of transitioning to a memory care community like TreVista, where residents receive exceptional care and enjoy a wide range of services and amenities.


#1.) Memory Loss

One of the earliest signs of dementia is memory loss. Those with limited mobility may struggle to remember important details. If you notice your loved one forgetting names, appointments, or recent events, it’s essential to offer support. Remind them gently, and consider keeping a journal to help them recall essential information.


#2.) Communication Difficulties

Dementia can affect a person’s ability to communicate effectively. Residents may struggle with finding the right words, repeat themselves, or have difficulty following conversations. Encourage patience and provide a calm environment for better communication. Don’t hesitate to reach out to their primary care provider or look into family support groups for more ideas on how to effectively communicate with your loved one. 


#3.) Mood Changes

Seniors with dementia may experience mood swings, agitation, or depression. It’s crucial to be empathetic and create a peaceful atmosphere. Engaging in activities together, such as crafts or music, can help improve their mood. Also, just simply being there to provide a listening ear can go a long way. Everyone wants to feel like they’re heard and their feelings are being validated. 


#4.) Dementia Wandering

Wandering is a common behavior in dementia and a particularly dangerous one at that. To ensure safety, make their living environment secure. Consider installing locks on doors or utilizing monitoring systems. Engaging them in activities and maintaining a daily routine can also reduce wandering tendencies. If you feel as though their wandering is getting too difficult to manage, it could be time to seek the services of our memory care assisted living in Concord, CA. Our community is designed to be a safe, secure space that still offers a warm, welcoming feel


#5.) Sundowning

Sundowning refers to increased confusion and agitation in the late afternoon or evening. To manage this behavior, establish a calming bedtime routine and keep the environment well-lit. TreVista’s communities offer the support necessary during these hours to minimize sundowning and help residents feel happier and more like themselves.


#6.) Hallucinations or Losing Track of Time

Some residents may experience hallucinations or forget what the present time or location is. These moments can be distressing for both the individual and their loved ones. It’s essential to validate their feelings and avoid arguing. You can help by redirecting their attention to a pleasant activity or environment.


#7.) Inability to Recognize Loved Ones

Dementia can lead to the inability to recognize family and friends. This can be heartbreaking, but patience and reassurance are vital. Spend quality time together, share old photos, and focus on creating positive experiences.


#8.) Difficulty with Daily Tasks

Lastly, those with dementia may struggle with daily tasks like dressing, eating, or personal hygiene. Providing gentle assistance and maintaining a consistent routine can help them feel more secure. Moving to a memory care assisted living in Concord, CA can ensure that your loved ones day to day needs are always met. 

A senior man and his adult son stand together and discuss moving to the memory care assisted living in Concord, CA

Why TreVista?

If you find that your loved one’s dementia behaviors are becoming increasingly challenging to manage at home, it may be time to consider transitioning to a memory care community like TreVista. Our community, The Villa, is a safe and secure environment specially designed for individuals with dementia. Our compassionate staff includes Certified Dementia Providers, ensuring that your loved one receives the highest quality care.


Top Notch Services

Our memory care assisted living in Concord, CA goes the extra mile by offering complimentary wellness checks and providing assistance with health consultations and appointments. When it comes to meals, our residents enjoy nutritious, home-cooked options with daily menu choices. Our housekeeping and laundry services make daily life more comfortable, and we take care of utilities and maintenance, so residents can focus on what truly matters. For added peace of mind, we offer an emergency call system if requested, as well as cable TV and guest access wireless internet for entertainment and connectivity.


Life Enrichment is a Priority

At TreVista, our commitment to enriching the lives of our residents goes beyond the basics. We offer a wide range of engaging life-enrichment programs, both on-site and off-site, including live music, cooking and baking, exercise, crafts, and more. Residents also have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities like visiting local parks and recreational areas, attending sporting events, visiting museums, scenic drives, and much more. Our Seasons curriculum ensures that residents can engage in themed activities, celebrate holidays, and explore local events and attractions. We even have a List for Living program, where we help individuals realize their dreams, big and small.


Curating a Comfortable Environment

In our Concord, CA-based senior living community, we take pride in offering assisted living and memory care services in a comfortable and inviting environment. Our various floor plans, from companion rooms to private deluxe studios with kitchenettes, cater to different preferences and care needs. Our goal is to provide an exceptional home where seniors can live as independently as possible, with the dedicated support of our caring team. TreVista is committed to creating an outstanding senior living experience, emphasizing compassion and a personalized approach to enable our residents to enjoy independence. Your loved one’s journey to a vibrant and fulfilling life begins at TreVista.


Contact Our Memory Care Assisted Living in Concord, CA

If you’re seeking memory care assisted living in Concord, CA, TreVista is here to provide the help and support your loved one needs. We invite you to contact our community, learn more about us, and schedule a tour to experience the warmth and welcoming atmosphere we offer. Your loved one’s journey to a vibrant and fulfilling life begins at TreVista.