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Tips on Finding the Right Memory Care Community for Your Loved One

Tips on Finding the Right Memory Care Community for Your Loved One

February 8, 2018

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia, it can be difficult to handle. For awhile, it may be simple to take care of their various needs on your own, but over time their care needs will increase, potentially leaving you feeling burnt out and stressed as their caregiver. At this point, you may begin to consider a memory care community for your loved one, but even this has its own set of difficulties, as you may be unsure of where to look and what to look for.

According to Alison Wall, Senior Living Consultant at TreVista Antioch, an assisted living and memory care community in Antioch, CA, because there so many options available for memory care communities, it can leave families overwhelmed. “If this is your first time searching for a memory care community for someone with dementia, you may be shocked by the number of communities available,” says Alison. “This can leave you with a lot of questions, such as where to start, how to know the community you choose is best for them and how to make the final decisions. Most often, the answers lead to touring the community and understanding your loved one’s preferences and needs.”

When does my loved one need memory care?

Some family members may be unsure of if their loved one needs to move to a memory care community or not. While it may not always be clear, you may begin to notice some of the following signs that could mean it’s time for a move as their disease progresses.

  • They need around-the-clock care. As the person with dementia’s needs begin to increase, they often start needing constant care. Whether they need assistance with activities of daily living or more advanced medical care, memory care communities can help provide all the services that are needed.
  • Medication management needs increase. Depending on your loved one’s dementia progression, they may be taking multiple medications at once. Some they may need to take at different times of the day, and some may need to be taken with or without food. As if that weren’t confusing enough, some medications interact negatively with each other. The team members at memory care communities can take the worry off your shoulders and ensure your loved one is taking medication safely.
  • Your loved one begins to wander. As one of the scariest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, wandering can be a big problem. If your loved one begins to ask about going to work or asks about family members who have passed, it can be a sign that they may begin wandering. The team at memory care communities can determine when this behavior may occur and help to prevent it, but if it does, they are also in a safe environment to do so.
  • You are becoming burnt out and more stressed. Many caregivers try to care for their loved one as much as they can for a long as they can. While they may feel as though this is their job, it can become difficult if they are becoming overly stressed and burnt out. Memory care communities can help to take the stress off of caring for your loved one and allow you to keep enjoying their company while simply being family.

What should I look for in a memory care community?

Memory care communities are not a one-size-fits-all option. In fact, what your loved one may need or prefer in a community may differ drastically from what another person wants and needs. As a general guideline, some of the most important aspects to look for or ask about include:

  • What the cost of care typically covers. If your loved one has certain care needs, it’s important to make sure the community you choose can meet those needs. It’s also crucial to ask what the cost of care will cover for each stage of dementia. Is all care included at one cost? Will the cost increase as care needs increase?
  • Whether or not care is available 24/7. Be sure to choose a community where your loved one will have access to care day and night by trained professionals. If they need help at two in the morning, will they be covered? Is someone checking on the residents to ensure they don’t need anything and that they aren’t wandering? While it may seem like all communities should have this, not all do.
  • If dining needs can be met. Take your loved one for a taste of the dining at the community you may choose. Make sure the food is not only delicious, but that it’s also nutritious and can be customized to their tastes, preferences and dietary needs.
  • How secure the community is. Ask for a tour of the community and see how secure it is. If your loved one is prone to wandering, it’s important that a community be safe enough to accommodate it. Some offer secure courtyards where your loved one will be free to wander as they please in an environment designed specifically for them. Be sure to ask about the community’s amenities.
  • What engaging programming and activities are available. Programs and activities are important for life-enrichment and engaging experiences. Ask for a calendar of programming and scope out the ones your loved one might be interested in. Ask if they can come try some to see how they like it, as this can also give you an idea of how they might fit in the community.

If you need more assistance in choosing the right memory care community for your loved one, call the experts at TreVista Antioch. We can provide you with more information to help you find the community that is the best fit for them while giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Call us today at 925•329•6292.

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At TreVista Antioch, we provide assisted living and memory care set in a beautiful environment that not only meets our residents’ needs but makes them, as well as their families, feel more at home. Although our gorgeous community is a plus, we truly believe it’s our programming and caring, dedicated staff that makes TreVista home. With our family-oriented inspiration and resident-centric approach, our residents flourish and experience days full of joy and meaning. Our staff learns each resident’s likes and dislikes and their values and pasts, right down to the dreams they never thought they could accomplish, in order to customize their care and make their dreams a reality.

LifeCycles wellness programming encourages our residents to connect, engage and enjoy life, every day. Our LifeCycles programming is designed to focus on the four dimensions of wellness: physical, social, spiritual and intellectual. This is achieved through a wide range of daily activities and routines, from outings and excursions to local events and programming at the community. At TreVista Antioch, our residents have the tools and care they need to make each day fulfilling, engaging and vibrant. Contact us to learn more!

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