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Touring Memory Care: 6 Essential Questions You Need to Ask

Touring Memory Care: 6 Essential Questions You Need to Ask

Senior asking questions about dementia care Concord CA
August 18, 2023

If you have a loved one needing dementia care in Concord CA, chances are it may be overwhelming to think about the many aspects of memory care and community care that you need to consider. There is no doubt you will gather the best answers by visiting the places you have found that seem the best-suited and asking questions to make your final decision. 


You may have some practical questions that need answered and, since adults needing memory care generally require specialized care due to their cognitive impairment, more specific ones as well. 


Community living homes like TreVista Senior Living & Memory Care generally have websites to help with initial information prior to your visit, so you can prepare the specific questions you may still have.



#1) What is the cost?

Make a plan for the current price and consider additional charges that could occur if level of care changes affect those costs. You do not want to find yourself needing to change residences due to budgeting mistakes. 


Memory care is generally more expensive than assisted living due to the need for a lower staff-to-resident ratio. In addition, costs may be more depending on the level of care and types of services your loved one requires. 


Like TreVista, many communities will have experts, such as a Senior Living Consultant, on staff to assist residents and their families as they make their decisions about dementia care in Concord CA. Make an appointment with that specialist when you visit. 


#2) What are training requirements for staff?

You will want to verify the level of training required for the staff at the residence you are considering for your loved one and if there are qualified staff on-site at all times. Since there are generally different people who complete different duties, you can find out how medical tasks and other jobs are divided between the staff with differing qualifications. 


Mainly, you want to be comfortable with those who are responsible for the care of your loved one. However, this can be a good time to also ask about the resident-to-staff ratio. This is especially important the more individual care your loved one requires.


At TreVista we have CNAs and med-techs on staff, but we also have a number of staff who are Certified Dementia Providers because we want to ensure the best care to those with cognitive challenges.


#3) Who is in charge of various areas of the residence?

Think about the various details you really want to know when asking this question. First of all, you want to know the person in charge of the daily care of your loved one. Who do you call if you have questions or concerns? Good communication is crucial to maintaining proper care for your loved one, and it is critical for ensuring you feel comfortable that is taking place. 


Next, you need to know who is in charge at the top, over the entire residence, in case you ever need to talk with them about your loved one. You do not want to attempt to find out the name and number of that person when time is of essence. Have it in your files now, and hope you never need to use it. 


#4) What nursing services are provided?

You will want to know the nursing services that will be provided to your loved one on a regular basis, and others that are available later if needed. Generally, personal hygiene needs and bathing and dressing are covered in any memory care home. However, you want to ask about later requirements your loved one may need. 


You want to find out what needs require you to  pay additional costs. Also, be sure to ask what are the limits to nursing assistance in memory care. In some instances, if a resident gets to a certain high level of need, they can no longer be cared for and there is a discharge policy. It will be important to know if that exists and how a resident’s changing needs are monitored. 


At TreVista our wellness program is designed to care for the whole person, including spiritual, social, physical and intellectual wellness. By learning your loved one’s specific needs, we can best monitor and take care of health needs. We have a Director of Wellness to supervise 24/7 on-site care staff and offer regular health assessments to monitor changing needs.


#5) Are there different meal plans and are special meal preferences accommodated?

While most residences already accommodate diabetic needs, there are other needs to consider. This may be gluten-free needs or lactose-intolerance issues, or possibly the desire to eat vegan or vegetarian meals. Other individuals may need a soft diet due to problems swallowing. 


Many community living homes like TreVista offer nutritious home-cooked meals, and we have menu options every day.


#6) What is the activities schedule?

Activities are an important element of daily life for dementia care in Concord CA. Memory care residents need to be as active as possible and continuing to engage with others is an important way to avoid feelings of isolation and fight off depression. 


Having a wide range of activities is important since not all residents in memory care have the same abilities; however, this is one of the greatest benefits of a community home–the ability to offer a variety. 

TreVista has a full calendar of activities to choose from, and your loved one will be able to find activities or events each week to engage in, from exercise to crafts to coffee socials. There are numerous choices to select from as residents figure out what best fits their desires. 



Get your questions together and contact us for a tour of TreVista Senior Living & Memory Care at Concord CA!